A chance meeting in a cocktail bar in London’s Mayfair where Karen was singing jazz standards led to the creation of a sound which moves from dreamy and soft to something moodier and more vicious. A flawed attempt to forge a widescreen vision which if nothing else would allow light and shade and space and dreams, and allow the tender and the bleak to rise and fall. Something consciously ignoring the relentless pin sharp digital focus of the modern world.

The approach and shared vision led to music which is neither direct nor indirect, with the notes and the character smeared across the lens; hidden melodies appear from nowhere while a woman in trouble sings like it’s the end of the world. It’s a sympathetic space, filled with ideas and dreams and soft words and harmony, as well as a sense of crisis and a touch of despair. At times the delivery is detached, at times personal but always attempts to speak universally.

The second album ‘Outside’ picks up the threads of the first album ‘Into The Moon’ but loses some of the sketchiness of the debut, while remaining intent on delivering warm kaleidoscopic sound, with vocals drenched in trademark cavernous reverb, and the overall sound projecting a deadly serious mood.

Il ne faut pas chercher, il faut attendre‘ ~ Corot (‘One must not seek, one must wait’)

There are mistakes too monstrous for remorse‘ ~ Edwin Arlington Robinson